Use Abu Garcia Coupons to Save Money On Fishing Rods

Benefiting from fishing trips is only possible if you have the right equipment for it. With Abu Garcia coupons you can afford to have the best! For example, what kind of rod do you carry for this exercise? Do the guides line up correctly from the tip of the fishing rod to its butt? What kind of power value does it have? More specifically, what kind of pressure can it withstand before it bends?

Answering these questions is vital before you purchase a rod. In fact, doing so will help you avoid mistakes. Instead, you will buy something that will last for a long time. One way of making the right purchase is to go for a reputable brand. For instance, Abu Garcia sells high-quality rods.

Save money with Abu Garcia coupons

Abu Garcia’s Reputation and History

The Abu Garcia company started its operations Svängsta, Sweden in 1921. At first, it was manufacturing taximeters, telephone timers, and pocket watches. The founder, Carl August Borgström, used the latest light precision technology at the time to make his products. However, the company changed tact as World War 2 ensued.

More specifically, the company turned to the production of fishing reels. It brought precision technology into this business, and it became a favorite among anglers worldwide. In fact, the firm became an official purveyor to the Royal Swedish Court. Its reputation as a manufacturer of quality fishing products helped it gain such an honor before the Swedish monarchy.

Types of Fishing Rods Produced By Abu Garcia

• Casting Rods

Abu Garcia produces more than ten casting rods. They include the Veritas, Villain, Vendetta, Fantasista, and Ike Signature casting rods. Others are the Vengeance, Altum, Venerate, Fantasista Beast, and Veritas Toro casting rods. The most expensive one is the Fantasista Beast, which is nearly six times more costly than its cheapest casting rod, Vengeance.

Features of the Fantasista Beast include a Fuji reel seat for additional comfort in addition to a Fuji Alconite guide system. Another impressive quality it has is increased strength and durability because of its tetra axial carbon construction. Many anglers who use it describe it as lightweight and ultra-sensitive. Therefore, it is worth the cash you pay for it. It comes with a five-year warranty as well.

• Spinning Rods

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Abu Garcia produces eight spinning rods. They include the Veritas, Villain, Vendetta, and Ike Signature spinning rods. Others are the Venerate, Vengeance, Fantasista Premier, and Veritas 2.0 Ice spinning rods. The most expensive one is the Fantasista Premier while the cheapest one is the Vengeance spinning rod. The former is six times more costly than the latter one is.

The Fantasista Premier is worth the money because it is a sleek and high-performance spinning rod. For example, it comes with customized Fuji soft-touch reel seats in addition to premium grade cork handles making it a comfortable.


Fishing is beneficial to your physical and psychological health. What you need is an excellent fishing rod to do it right. You can get it from a reputable brand such as Abu Garcia. This company sells the most exceptional cast and spinning rods in the market. Unfortunately, some of them are expensive. Do not fret. Instead, get Abu Garcia Coupons from Coupon Dad so that you can buy these items at a discounted price.