Replace the Timing Belt or Sell to a Junk Car Dealer


A broken timing belt can be a factor to selling your car to a junk car dealer

When it comes to regular vehicle maintenance, replacing a timing belt can be one of the most important procedures you can have done for your car. The timing belt itself is not expensive, repairing a car that had its timing belt snap while on the road is. Here is what you need to know on the cost of replacing your timing belt or its time to sell to a junk car dealer.

Timing Belt Basics

The timing belt is a ribbed type belt installed in a specific direction on one side of your engine. The role of the belt is to ensure that the crankshaft and camshafts are timed properly. As a whole, it ensures that the top half of the engine that includes the valves and cylinders are in sync with the bottom half comprising of the pistons and the crankcase.

According to sell my junk car without title experts, older cars especially those made earlier than 1990 are almost certain to have a timing belt. Newer models also have them. However, other car makers have shifted to the metal timing chains as these are more durable and last longer. Do be sure to consult your owner’s manual.

When to Change your Timing Belt Or Sell To A Junk Car Dealer

The best information is the owner’s manual but it is usually every 5 years or around 60,000 miles. Neglecting to change your timing belt as recommended in your owner’s manual can have disastrous results. If you have an older car with other issues and your timing belt snaps on the road, there is a big chance that your insurer might simply declare it as total loss so might as well sell it to a jun car dealer.

Have a broken car? Maybe its time to sell your car to a junk car dealer

When the timing belt snaps, several processes occur in the engine . It begins with the valves and pistons colliding with one another. Without the belt to keep the pace, two moving parts cannot occupy the same space at the same time, the result will be collision and damage to one another.

Sometimes when the car is too old and has other problems, your insurer might write it off as a total loss, and the car maybe labeled a junk car. If this is the case, speak to a reputable auto salvage dealer such as Max Cash for Junk Cars to get the best offer for your car.