Kia Safety Features

Notable Safety Features of Texas Kia Cars and SUV’s

It is normal for any car buyer to consider the safety aspects that come with purchasing a certain model. Road carnage has risen to be a top concern with hundreds of people losing their lives. It should be understood that not any car model would be 100% safe from accidents. However, there are certain car aspects that manufacturers incorporate in their models to enhance safety in the event of an accident. Kia is one of the leading companies when it comes to not only powerful machines, but also safety. Having seen the Kia Optima being crowned as the top pick for safety back in 2014, the brand has seen increased popularity. This article thus gives you the 5 features we love from Kia.

1. Excellent Technology

Believe it or not, Kia is far ahead of the industry when it comes to incorporating security aspects with the help of latest technologies. Most Kia models feature currently utilizes different design element to ensure that passengers and the driver are all safe. These is with the inclusion of comfortable seats and of course the safety belt. However, Kia goes on to avail an array of other technological features that will definitely increase your safety. These include the electronic stability control, Car stability management, Hill-start assist control, anti-lock four wheel braking system and an effective tire pressure system for monitoring risky levels.

2. Amazing Driver Visibility

Owning a car means that at some point you will have to drive at night. We all know how this will pose some danger while on the road. However, a perfect view of what’s ahead and at the back will help elevate your judgment while driving. This is why Kia incorporates adaptive front lighting features different with the normal direct headlamps. It is thus possible for the driver to not only know what lies ahead, but also alter lighting aspects or better judgments.

3. Airbags

A common safety feature in most cars nowadays is the airbag. Coming just after seatbelt, airbags fill up the space between passenger and driver seats to provide cushion in the event of an accident. Studies reveal that airbag reduce your chances of dying in a car accident by nearly 30%. Kia has a full functional airbag for the rear head, drive front and side, passenger front and side, and generally rear side curtain. This gives you full coverage. According to the Classic Beaumont Kia dealership, this is one of the main safety features that attracts consumers to the Kia cars and SUV’s.

4. Proper Crumple Zones

Also referred to as crash spaces, crumble zones define the car aspects that help control vehicle deformation during a crash. These thus means that a car is designed to collapse in a certain safer way leaving some spaces for safer passengers and the driver. Kia, especially in its Sportage offers both front and rear created to perfectly absorb impact during accidents.

5. Superb Overall Safety Rating

A final assurance to most Kia customers is knowing that you are getting cars that rank high on safety standards. With NTHSA ranking Kia Optima top on crashworthiness based on a number of aspects, it has become essential for the company to manufacture and maintain high quality vehicles that are the safest on the road. By purchasing Kia car, you will be getting yourself a perfect safe machine on the road. Be sure to try it out and enjoy Kia safety features.